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Help fact check the final #leadersdebate

I watched all of the televised leaders’ debates and enjoyed them, but the same thing struck me during each: numbers were seemingly plucked from the air by each candidate to back up their points.

This is nothing new for politicians, but with the multi-platform coverage of the debates has any news site been fact-checking these persuasive stats?

If someone is already doing so let me know – I’d find it really useful – but in the mean time, I wrote down all the figures used as evidence by the leaders last night. I want to see where these numbers are coming from and if they are correct.

Help me fact check them!

Gordon Brown said:

  • Standard income tax rate has dropped from 23-20p since Labour came in and Labour has raised tax rate for +£100,000 earners by 50p;
  • 6 million people in this country benefit from tax credits;
  • 50,000 jobs are being made available through the Future Jobs Fund;
  • 1 million more home owners than there were 10 years ago;
  • 2 million more people in work than in 1997;
  • There are currently 900,000 young people in training, employment or education, which is a record.

David Cameron said:

  • At the moment 5 million people are on outbof work benefits;
  • In every £4 this government spends, £1 is borrowed;
  • The budget deficit for the UK this year is forecast to be bigger than Greece;
  • 60,000 jobs in manufacturing have been lost in the Uk in the past three years;
  • In the last 13 years more than 1 million people have been given citizenship;
  • Closer to 1 million people came from Poland to the UK when it joined the EU;
  • Never been lower than 140,000 immigrants a year under Gordon Brown; under last Conservative government it was never above 70,000 a year;
  • There are 17,000 attacks each year on teachers.

Nick Clegg said:

  • A teaching assistant earns around £10,000 a year;
  • 80% of people who come into this country come from the European Union;
  • There are 1.8 million families still on the waiting list for Affordable Homes.

One Response

  1. “A teaching assistant earns around £10,000 a year” – NC did go on to quantify this a little bit – he said maybe they work two or three days a week, think he realised as he was talking that this figure was prob incorrect.

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