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I need a journalism audit

I’ve been with Journalism.co.uk for two years now and my role has changed from reporter to editor. As such, my responsibilities have also changed and grown, but luckily I still get to do a fair amount of reporting.

What I’ve noticed is that while I get to do a fair amount of learning on-the-job, including experimenting with new tools, there are probably quite a lot of processes I go through every day that could be more efficient. Thing is I’ve been doing them that way for two years now and perhaps haven’t taken the time to step back and work out a new, improved method.

So, with a mind to creating a checklist, I though I’d ask for some suggestions to improving the following things, which I’d like to get better at:

1) Liveblogging

Not always necessary, but I do attend a lot of events. I like to produce a mixture of digests, news pieces and multimedia – as the content dictates – but liveblogging is something I’m not too hot on. Any tips/links to good practice posts? Having my shorthand notes can be an important record, but is there a way of turning my shorthand skill into liveblogging goodness?

2) RSS feeds

Still find these an absolute goldmine for information and leads – in addition to using Twitter as a more personal RSS service.

But they’re getting wildly out of control – I need to filter them as well as finding a way to create a more rounded view of certain areas of the industry.

Recommendations for services to filter gratefully received – but I’d also like to know whether there’s a way to sort RSS feeds without spending hours on it – or will this have to be a time investment?

3) Mobile

Lastly, the most fun part – I’ve just got a new iPhone and while I don’t think just having the thing will turn me into a Pulitzer Prize winner, I would like to get the most out of it as a journalistic tool.

Apps for this? I’m thinking along the lines of Audioboo, a Twitter app – but what else?


3 Responses

  1. I’m afraid I don’t have a whole heap of helpful to offer – but I did want to thank you for writing the post and making me think about where I am with work and new technology. Always good to be given a virtual prod. Thanks… I’ll follow what appears and try to incorporate good suggestions!

  2. Re: iPhone

    Apps I use a lot: NetNewsWire, for keeping an eye on RSS, Flickr’s app for quick uploading of photos with geotag, AutoStitch for panoramas. NightCamera for shots in low light. Ego for watching traffic and feed stats. The WordPress app will be handy for more frequent posting here. 😉

    Re RSS: Fever is pretty awesome, but requires you to have your own webspace to host it.

  3. Thanks Nikki and Adam – I am installing the WordPress app for starters.

    Managed to test out taking and publishing video from my phone using the picposterous app recently. Not too bad for a first try – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0ZTkI_mK4Q

    Yet to play with posterous more generally though.

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