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#Trafigura, Jan Moir and social media power

I wrote a post last week for the Media140 blog, which I forgot to flag up here, on #Trafigura and Carter-Ruck’s attempts to gag the media – and how Twitter took on added value for me as a media journalist last week.

You can read it in full at this link: #Trafigura & Twitter: the Social Media Mob vs the Super Injunction?

What was quite incredible to watch was the ability of social media sites and networks to render the so-called super injunction useless. Under legal threat, news organisations trod a careful line in reporting the nature of the order despite the fact that Carter-Ruck’s actions called into question some fundamental principles of press freedom. But active individuals shared ‘forbidden’ links and kept the story circulating leaving the law firm in an untenable position.

[Full coverage on Carter-Ruck/Trafigura/Guardian at this link]

Still reflecting on the impact of these networks on the events in this case, social media and networks once more showed themselves to be a powerful force in challenging the media industry.

Outrage sparked by Daily Mail columnists Jan Moir’s piece on the death of Boyzone singer Stephen Gately spread quickly on online forums and Twitter. Widespread condemnation for Moir’s comments lead to calls for advertisers to drop their ads from the Mail Online piece – these were later pulled by the Mail.

Two significant things here:


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