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Speed vs accuracy in online news

(Two posts in and already I’m asking for favours)

Next week I’m giving an in-house talk to a group of journalists about speed vs accuracy when it comes to breaking news online.

What are the main issues here?

  • Reporting speculation and verification
  • Breaking news publishing/distribution strategies
  • Dealing with social media/UGC sources
  • Is first best?

Some of the case studies that spring to mind are Sky News’ changes to its breaking news strategy during reporting of the London 7/7 bombings and the recent Iranian election coverage, but I’d be really interested in any other suggestions on both the key issues and examples.


2 Responses

  1. by definition, news is always breaking- why the tv channels make such a big thing of it is beyond me..
    most times they have very little to report, and that is often only PR spin, or speculation – not FACTS.

    I’d rather have a full, honest report an hour later, than see someone huff and bluff their way through a ‘breaking story’, based on just a one line twitter feed..

  2. @Terri – thanks for your comment.

    Do you think the broadcasting model (indeed any ‘traditional’ media’s model) is broken in this respect? e.g. on occasion it is a sense of competition that makes them report on ‘breaking news’ with limited information rather than it being a must-report story despite a lack of sources?

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