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My first blog post (or ‘Hello Mum’)

It’s been a long time coming but I’m cutting the blog ribbon on Pebbledash – a place I hope to go beyond my day job, comment a bit more, think a bit more and occasionally waffle.

By day I work for the journalism and media industry news website Journalism.co.uk and needless to say all views expressed here are my own.

The links from Publish2 are stuff that’s peaked my interest in the world of media; hyperlocal is something I’m particularly interested in and I want to see how the trend towards hyperlocal news progresses.

Now, first off some excuses:

  • This site is very rough and ready, but for me part of the point of this blog is to learn how it all works, how to fix it and how to keep it running (all advice gratefully received on that point). I’ll be tweaking it along the way.
  • There will be a big crossover with my work interests, but there will be other stuff creeping in (most likely football…) – but I’ll work out an RSS compromise.

If you want to contact me about work stuff you’re best trying laura [at] journalism.co.uk.

But if it’s something else leave a comment below or send me a tweet, I’m @lauraoliver.


2 Responses

  1. What a shame you’ve started a blog using a name that is already in use…by me….and has been for nearly two tears. If you had googled pebbledash blog, you would have found that a blog of that name was already in existence.

  2. Hi – I did indeed come across your blog and as we’re covering very different subject matter (while it might not be the most Google-savvy move of me) Pebbledash was the name that stuck. Who knows how long I’ll keep it? Who knows how long I’ll be blogging?

    But all the best with your site – I think there’s room for both of us 🙂

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